#sweetsat – Can Charles cause any more trouble?

It’s time for another Sweet Saturday Samples! Here’s another snippet from Climbing Heartbreak Hill.  Charles has hit a deer and it causing even more trouble for Tara.

Climbing Heartbreak Hill book cover

“I’m out by Bubba’s and that fancy-­‐‑pants you work with hit
a deer and put his swanky car in the ditch. And now Bubba’s out
here, scoping out the deer carcass and Mr. Fancy-­‐‑pants won’t get
out of his blasted car with that Neanderthal waving his shotgun
If Hank was calling Bubba a caveman, Bubba had to be
putting on a big and horrifying show. It was tempting to tell Hank
to let Bubba shoot Charles. She didn’t want to lift a hangnail to help
him out. Frustration and exhaustion warred with each other. “I
can’t help you.”
“C’mon, Tara. I’ve got three calls to get to tonight, and
Angelina is home with the twins who have been puking their guts
out since dawn. She’s gonna break my neck if I don’t get home
before midnight. And this moron won’t get out of his car.”
“Tow the car with him in it. Park him at Dave’s garage, and
he can cool his heels there until he decides to get out of the car.”
Ryan was nodding. Tara took that to mean he liked the plan. Her
confidence boosted a smidge.
“I can’t tow a car with a person in it. My insurance would
get yanked, then I’d be up a crick for sure.”
“Then leave him there. I don’t care.” Tara rubbed her
forehead. She didn’t want to deal with this now. She’d rather find a
way to save her own butt than rescue Charles’s. Ryan raised his
finger and mouthed something to her, but she couldn’t make out
his message.

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  1. Charles is definitely bad news! I voted for CHH at Clash of the Titles.


    1. Thanks for voting Patty! My brother thought Charles got off too easy in CEOs Don’t Cry. I hope he likes what happens to him in Climbing Heartbreak Hill.


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