#sweetsat – Is Ryan’s knee getting better?

It’s time for another Sweet Saturday Samples! Here’s another snippet from Climbing Heartbreak Hill. Ryan is having a followup appointment with his surgeon after surgery to repair his ACL.

Climbing Heartbreak Hill book cover

Ryan would be thankful when the weather was finally warm
enough to wear shorts, so he didn’t have to struggle with his pant
leg and his knee brace. He also wouldn’t have to strip into these
nasty, gap-­‐‑backed hospital gowns for every appointment.

The paper on the exam table crinkled under his boxers every
time he moved, but his leg ached less out of the brace. The padded
bands around his calf and thigh left red impressions on what used
to be muscle. The skin on his left leg had a soft, fleshy look rather
than the rigid, muscular appearance he was familiar with. Even his
right leg, despite the extra work it did, had a flabbier texture. They
didn’t even look like his own legs.

Maybe Dr. Rose would finally okay him for walking without
crutches. He’d been on crutches for six long months. He expected
to be walking with a cane at least. Most people were rocking the
elliptical six months after surgery.

There was a soft knock at the door, then it opened. The
doctor stepped through in teal scrubs under a lab coat with a tablet
computer tucked under his arm. He sat on a wheeled stool and put
the tablet across his knees.
“How’s the recovery going?”
“Not as quickly as I’d like.” Ryan shifted and the paper
“It never does.” He scooted forward and studied Ryan’s
knee. He did a couple of range of motion tests and Ryan winced.
The doctor pursed his lips. “Not what I was expecting to see.”
“What?” Cold froze his veins and he shivered.

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  1. It’s always difficult to get bad news. You did a great job showing the tension and his fear.


    1. Thanks, Patty!


  2. Argh! You left us hanging! Good news? Bad news? VERY good hook! 🙂


    1. Thanks, Heather!


  3. You can’t leave us hanging this way! Lovely hook.


    1. Thanks, Elaine!


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