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I think anyone who can paint has magical talents. I didn’t do too badly with the bathroom, but that’s about where my expertise ends. Sandra Orchard not only paints, she creates! Check out these pictures.

I have to admit that since I started novel writing, the only project I’ve tackled is a flannel Christmas quilt for my granddaughter. But before writing took over my life, I’d try just about every new craft idea that caught my fancy. I especially loved ones that I could finish in a few days… if only I had as much to show for three days of writing!

The most challenging for me were painting projects, but after awhile I got pretty good and had a lot of fun painting on a myriad of surfaces to decorate our home.

First came the idea to create a box to cover the ugly fuse box on our second floor. We cut decorative molding to go under the box so it would look like a shelf and then I painted the vase of roses to sit on it.

Flowers in vase painting

I liked how it turned out so much that I decided to paint the closet door beside it to make the narrow hall appear larger.

painted door

Next I got into painting animals. But I didn’t want to just paint them on a flat surface. So… I painted a hawk on a hawk feather.

Hawk painted on feather

I painted a wolf on a slab of granite.

Wolf painted on granite

I painted a monkey, my son’s favorite animal at the time, on a book box we built to look like a shopping bag.

Monkey book box

Isn’t he cute? My son isn’t into monkeys anymore. They grow up too fast! But… my granddaughter has taken up the monkey craze!

Kitchen canister

Then I decided to do some pieces to brighten up the empty spots above the kitchen


cupboards. A set of canisters like the one pictured, each with a different woodland animal, and a pair of 3-D bears. I really enjoyed making these cute bears because it involved construction and painting, but…they are so not fun to try to keep clean in a kitchen!






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