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Today, Eileen Rife is sharing about making wreaths and the one of the little helpers she’s had.

 Wreath with a wreath

I’m well aware I’m not the only one who enjoys designing wreaths. This became all too apparent when one day I walked outside to look at my new creation hanging by the door, only to discover a surprise. Someone else had added her touch to my wreath.

Nicely nestled between the lavender and white lilacs, greenery, and ribbon, was a bird’s nest.  Standing on my flower urn, I peeked inside. Three blue eggs rested on the woven twigs and grass.

The robin had so beautifully arranged her nest among the other items decorating the wreath that I decided to leave the nest intact.  Now, three years later, other birds take up residence in the nest/wreath, laying eggs and launching new birds into the wild.

Little did I know when I designed my spring wreath that God would use one of His gentle creatures to add a seasonal touch to the design.

I guess you could say, Mrs. Robin and I are birds of a feather, since we both like to use twigs and leaves to create.


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  1. My in-laws have some morning doves who insist on building nests in the wreath on their front door.


  2. What a lovely wreath and a darling addition from Mrs. Robin. I hope you have a window nearby to watch the activity.


  3. Thanks for hosting me, Joselyn! I bet they hear the lovely cooing sound of the morning dove, too. 🙂 And no, we don’t have a window close enough to view the fledglings in process, Catherine. However, this year, God added a special touch in an entirely new location–from our kitchen window. We had a step master (foam block) sitting against the window on the deck. The block came with a VHS tape in the back which we removed and watched. In the remaining hole, a chickadee built a nest. How fun to watch the male and female take turns building the nest, then feed the babies once they hatched.


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