“Long, thin, slimy ones…”

I used to fish with my dad until he said I had to bait my own hook. (I guess he wanted to fish too.) That required picky up a slimy, squirmy worm and piercing it with a hook. I could bear to touch one of the squiggly creatures only IF I was wearing thick, winter gloves, but I could not pierce their wiggling body with the barb and tying them in knots didn’t work either. Creepy crawlies aren’t my thing.

It has become quite obvious that some things are not passed on genetically. My daughters love worms. They scavenge the driveway for them (the half-dead ones that have washed up after a rain). They dig in the dirt for them.  When they find an (unlucky) creature, they carry it around, they pet it, they request to take them into the house.  <cringe> I don’t even want to think about where I would find the crusted remains. (I’ve heard horror stories about the washing machine.)

I try not to gag at the worm slimes all over their hands or jump away as they dangle the curling creature dangerously close to me. I hold it in because I don’t want to pass on my phobias to them. If they aren’t grossed out by worms, why should they be? It will certainly make fishing and seventh grade biology a lot easier. (Dissecting animals, even worms and clams, has kept me out of anything related to the medical field.)

As long as their new friends stay outside enjoying the home that God created for them, the girls can play with all the worms and caterpillars they want.



  1. marsharwest · ·

    Love this post, Joselyn. I’ll have to send to my daughters. One is great with worms. The other never has been. I cringe when my grands hand me rolly pollies and other assorted things, trying to keep from passing on my ick factor. I even took my girls to see the snakes when they were little and those freak me out! Especially the one one our dog caught recently in the back yard!


    1. You are brave to take them to see snakes. We saw one at a presentation in FL and I could barely stay in the room. Luckily the kids were more excited about the aligator


    2. Yup. I’ve got one who’s good with worms and one who isn’t. Strangely, the one who’s good with worms can’t stand spiders while the other has no problems. It’s strange how these things work out.


  2. Okay, where are the photos? I want to see you holding a worm! Can’t quite picture it but certainly can see your prodigy petting them. Strange the things they inherit and what they don’t.


    1. Yeah, me holding a worm? Without thick gloves and a sedative (for me and the worm – don’t want it crawling at freaky speed off the gloves)… not gonna happen.


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