Fuel Your Creativity with Dawn Turner

My mom and sister can work all kinds of magic with a crochet hook. It sounds like Dawn Turner can as well.

Baby afghan

My great-grandmother in Wisconsin taught me the basics of crochet when I was 11. An elderly neighbor lady in Phoenix taught me more a year or so later. Since then, I’ve taught myself a bunch more, basically taking a learn-as-I-go approach.

Over the years, I’ve utilized commercial patterns, sometimes lamenting over the fact I couldn’t find what I really wanted but settling for “close”. I’ve also often had to correct patterns. I even created my own patterns when I needed them for some things there were no patterns available for when I was still a kid. Much more recently, I created a stuffed dog pattern that I’m not ready to share as I’m not entirely happy with the end result yet.

baby afghan

A baby afghan became my latest search followed by discouragement moment. I could NOT find a pattern to suit my requirements.

I wanted a colorful pattern safe for little fingers. Over the years, my mother has seen little ones get their tiny fingers caught in standard baby afghans, and it annoyed her. The idea of precious, little fingers getting caught up in the stitches of a blanket pretty much gave me nightmares. “What if no one noticed they were tangled up?” I wanted a pattern that wouldn’t have holes large enough for baby fingers to get entangled but would still be colorful and fun.

I think finding teeth in my hens’ mouths would’ve been easier. Then it occurred to me one day – “Why don’t you create your own?” So I did. And it wasn’t even rocket science. My friend’s daughter was as thrilled with the result as I was.

Sometimes we just have to take the knowledge we have, find the courage to step out, and see what happens, possibly learn something new in the process.

If you would like a copy of Dawn’s pattern, she is willing to share! Send her an email at dm_turner @ yahoo . com.

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