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JF Jenkins shares about appreciating the creativity in others. I’m always fascinated by the talents of others.


JF Jenkins

When asked to talk about the other ways I was creative, I kind of sat and scratched my head for a while. I’m not one of those people who are multi-talented. Music is something I enjoy but don’t do. Sure, I can keep a beat, but I can’t sing and I can barely read music, so those are out of the picture. My visual artistic talents are limited as well. I know exactly how I want things to look, but when it comes to executing it to do just that it never comes out. The best I can do is tell other people who have the talent what I want, and hope for the best.

So I was pretty stumped. I thought about saying something like I’m a creative dreamer. My dreams are always intense and crazy. People have dreams about their life’s missions. I have dreams about story ideas and plot lines that have no relevance to anything going on in my life. They’re always vivid and wild.

But that kind of ties into writing, doesn’t it? So I decided to just settle on this: I enjoy other’s creativity and appreciate it for the art that it is. Rather than get hung up on small details, I see the vision and embrace it lovingly. It’s not exactly creative, but it’s something I do to make up for my lack of other adventures.


And that’s okay. I’m fine with having a concentrated writing talent.



A Slow Burning Fire cover

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What neither of them expects is to fall in love: with the calm, with the country, with each other. But how much of it is real, and how much of it is a means to escape a broken heart?

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  1. That’s how I am with sports, JF. I love to watch them, cheer them on, and talk about them, but I am hopeless in any kind of physical activity. So I can sympathize. Just keep on writing, because that’s where you shine!


  2. Yup, I can sing…really loudly and in the car where no one can hear me. But I know a good song when I hear it. You’re so right…sometimes appreciation is an art all by itself. 🙂


  3. Don’t sell yourself short. Being a person who admires creativity can often be an art form in itself, since crafters and artistic types can be critical of what they see. Criticism can kill the joy. We all need someone to admire our work with joy.


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