#sweetsat – About that favor…

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Another snippet from CEOs Don’t Cry, about the favor the Ladies owe Tara.

Minnie passed the binoculars to Edith.  “See, I told you it would work,” she said, pointing to Mark’s window.

Edith removed her glasses and propped the binoculars against her nose.  She peered out the side window of the parked car.   “We’re still at one hundred percent.”

Dinah grabbed the binoculars from the backseat.  “We never fail.”

“Let me look.”  Yvonne squinted through the binoculars. “I can barely see a thing.  The windows are steamed up, but I guess that proves it.  One hundred percent.”

They all stared up at the figures of Mark and Leslie silhouetted against the window.

“Perhaps, we should give them some privacy,” Edith said, reaching for the keys in the ignition.  “Let’s celebrate with some punch.”

“They can’t see us anyway.”  Minnie slapped her hand away and grabbed for the binoculars again.  “Next time we need to check for confirmation, we take your Yvonne’s minivan.  There are just too many of us in here.  Who should we work on next?” she asked, focusing the glasses.

“I’m available!”  Tara piped up.

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  1. Great snippet~I wonder why they’re checking on these people?



  2. What a terrific scene. I love those snoopy matchmakers!


  3. Fun read! Nosy women, binoculars, steamy windows…definitely calls for a minivan. How else can you have room for your popcorn and coffee? 😉


  4. Why do I get the feeling they are celebrating too soon? I hope not. Great scene 🙂


  5. This was fun. Steamed up windows, etc. LOL


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