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Tanya is back to share another avenue of creativity she has discovered – a very special one.


When you think of being creative, what do you think of? I thought being creative meant making something. Something tangible you can hold on to, but that thought changed when I found out my six-year-old is legally blind with vision of 20/200 in both eyes.

The first day she came home from school with her glasses, she jumped out of the van and headed straight for a weed in the yard. She knelt and stared at that pink patch on the ground for who knows how long before she turned to me and asked, “Can I put this in my room?”



I bit back tears because the weed to her was the most beautiful flower she’d ever seen. This is what fueled my creativity, and that same idea took on a whole new meaning with one question.

How can I help my youngest see the things she’d missed?

For the last two weeks, I’ve dragged out old scrapbooks, pouring through them so she can see family members who live in other states. We’ve pinched leaves off bushes, played in the dirt, caught lizards, toads—yes, I caught a toad! Never thought I’d try to go toad hunting before, but it was so worth it by how fascinated she was with the bumps on its back. I’d catch toads any day for her.

Right now we are waiting on a referral to see a specialist, because her vision is decreasing so rapidly. But until then, this mom is finding ways to show the world to her daughter one day at a time.

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Barnes and Nobles: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/reviews/Unconditional%2FTanya-Eavenson/1114108760?ean=2940016066837

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  1. Beautiful post! And a wonderful reminder to enjoy every moment with our little ones.


  2. I appreciate it, Rachel. =) Thank you for stopping by!


  3. Tanya, your post took my breath away. So many times we take the little things for granted. I pray all will go well for your daughter.


  4. Thank you so much, Catherine. I appreciate it. =)


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