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May 15 through May 19

The Elite by Rachel Van Dyken

The Bet by Rachel Van Dyken

Congratulations to Rachel Van Dyken on her NEW YORK contract for her self-published books, The Bet and The Elite!

It is something every writer dreams about and Rachel’s books are great. I have a bunch of them on my to be read pile, but my favorite of the ones I’ve read is one of her first, Every Girl Does It. The characters were so cute I wanted them for my friends. I’m sure these books are just as lovable.

About The Bet:

“I have a proposition for you…”
Kacey should have run the minute those words left Seattle millionaire Jake Titus’s mouth. Instead, she made a deal with the devil in hopes of putting her past behind her once and for all.
Four days.
She could do four days!
But she wasn’t counting on Jake’s older brother Travis being there to witness their farce of an engagement.
One thing is for certain.
One brother is right for her.
One wants a lifetime.
And one is in league with the devil.
She should have gotten Jake’s signature in blood.


I wish her all the best with these latest books.
My next book comes out on May 21. It is called Climbing Heartbreak Hill.

Professional runner, Ryan Grant, blows out his knee training for another attempt at the Boston marathon and the dreaded Heartbreak Hill. Ryan retreats home, not looking for anything more than a fast recovery, but he finds solace in the arms of his tax preparer, Tara Mansfield.

Tara’s cheerleading career ended abruptly and she faces an upward climb beating the stereotype as dumb blonde in her new calling as an accountant. Framed with defrauding the IRS during the last weeks of the tax season, Tara’s tentative confidence is shaken, but Ryan coaches her in ensnaring the true perpetrator. She cheers him on in discovering his identity as a coach rather than an athlete.

With the help of the junkyard king and a mechanical bull, can Tara and Ryan find the courage to climb Heartbreak Hill together?

*** A portion of my proceeds from Climbing Heartbreak Hill will be donated to the One Fund Boston to help those injured at the finish line of the 2013 Boston Marathon. https://secure.onefundboston.org/page/contribute/default

Check back here on May 21 to see the cover (and see where to get your copy.). It’s awesome.

CEOs Don't Cry book CoverClimbing Heartbreak Hill continues the shenanigans of Minnie and the Library Ladies /Ladies Night out from CEOs Don’t Cry, Sucker for a Hot Rod, and Hauntings of the Heart.

If you would like a chance to win a hard cover copy of CEOs Don’t Cry (the story where we first meet Tara), leave a comment below.  The winner will be announced on May 20. 

Check out the rest of the celebration for more great prizes.



  1. That is a dream come true. Congrats Rachel.

    Congrats too on the upcoming release Joselyn!


    1. Thanks! Glad you could stop by.


  2. WTG, Rachel! Looking forward to reading your new one, CHH, Joselyn. Love Minnie and the Library Ladies. tee hee…


    1. Thanks, Janet!


  3. I’ve never read Rachel. Will have to look her up. I have read all of Joselyn’s work and love it so having her say she loved it is a great endorsement. Thanks, Joselyn!


    1. I finished The Bet this morning and it was really cute.


  4. jeff7salter · ·

    Wish you great success on ‘Climbing Heartbreak Hill.’


    1. Thanks, Jeff!


  5. Best wishes with you latest upcoming release. 🙂


    1. Thanks, Sherry!


  6. I recently read The Bet and loved it! Every book I’ve read of Rachel’s is great 🙂


    1. I thought it was a lot of fun. The scene with the eggs just cracked me up.


  7. Congrats on the upcoming release! And kudos for supporting One Fund Boston!


  8. Liz Riggs · ·

    Congrats to Rachel and congrats on the new release! Sounds like a good read.


  9. Congrats again to Rachel!


  10. Crystal · ·

    Congratulations to Rachel! My personal favorite of her books is Elite! Your books sound wonderful and I look forward to the chance to read one of yours!


  11. Hi! I love Rachel! Her books are so good! I cant get enough of them! I love that she puts them out so fast! 🙂 Thanks for sharing and being apart of this great hop!


  12. Congratulations to Heather Gray! I’ll need to get your snail mail address. 🙂


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