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Jean Joachim is here to tell that origami is not just about paper cranes. I love that there are practical uses too. And so many cute papers… too tempting.


Tappa Cloth Credit Card Holder

Origami is more than just pretty little animals. It can be used to create practical things.  my dear friend, Tricia Tait is an origami specialist, an artist. She got my curiosity up when I saw her whip out an origami wallet and credit card holder.

Of course I had to know how to do it. So she showed me and that was it! I was entranced by the seductive art of paper folding. I have always dabbled in art, since I was a child when I yearned for the big box of crayons to draw paperdoll clothes. Working with fabulous papers to create something practical was a natural hobby for me. So I jumped in.


Paper folding could replace Prozac for lifting spirits and relaxing you. I find it very therapeutic and then you have something you can use as well. While the wallets are fun, I got sucked into folding credit card holders.

Now I was lying in wait for the school kids who sell wrapping paper, searching for as much two-sided paper as I could find. I even coaxed a paint store into giving me an old book of wallpaper samples, which I promptly cut up. Some of those are plastic coated and make very sturdy card holders.

I cranked out hundreds and gave them away to promote donations to pug rescue. People stopped and remarked about how clever the design was. While I couldn’t take credit for the construction, the paper choices were all mine.

Origami credit card holders

I plan to make some to give out at Lori Foster’s
Find out more about Jean at www.jeanjoachimbooks.com. Get Together this year. You can fold while watching TV. Pardon the unprofessional pictures. My newest hobby, photography, is mostly about nature photos, not product shots.


Check out Jean’s latest book, Under the Midnight Moon:

Can attending a wedding and a funeral on the same day change your life? 

Mindy Winslow’s life was altered forever when she met gorgeous lawyer, Drew Armstrong, and found out about her inheritance of a ramshackle old building from her mentor, Lou. His directive to create a dinner theater on the property would fulfill her lifelong dreams.

UndertheMidnightMoon_LRG (2)


Bucking the will of her family and the hardship of trying to make it in New York theater, Mindy had lost hope until she was embraced by the townsfolk at the wedding of her college roommate. With the help of friends, new and old, Mindy forged ahead to make her goal a reality in tiny Pine Grove. But the exposure of a promise made then broken secretly, destroyed her dream. Will she be forced to face “I told you so” from her father or will love find a way to resurrect hope from the ashes?

Get your copies at:

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  1. Thanks for having me here today, Joselyn. Nice to be talking about the practical side of Origami.


    1. You’re welcome! I still have the paper dolls I made. They were so much fun.


  2. Love your post, Jean. In a former life as an elementary principal, one of my teachers always made sure her students were exposed to making paper cranes when they read the story about the little girl in Japan. Sorry, my memory deserts me for the title. I loved the practicality of what you do and the recycle/reuse/repurpose aspect.
    I went immediatley to B & N and bought your book. A theatre arts teacher in another life, I love books with a theatre connection. My 3rd and 6th books have that. Hope someday to get them pubbed.
    This is a fun subject, Joselyn!


    1. Thank you so much, Marsha! I”m so delighted to be sharing love of theatre with you. I look forward to your feedback on the book. Good luck with your writing. Have you considered submitting them to my publisher, Secret Cravings Publishing?


  3. awesome! I love them. My son does origami and it’s so cool to watch the creation of various items.


    1. Thanks for stopping by, Jillian.


    2. That’s great! Something he can do forever. Thanks for stopping by, Jillian.


  4. My mom grew up in Japan, and origami is an everyday part of life there, so of course she taught me. But I’ve never seen the card holders. They’re very nice! I’ve used wrapping paper to make things, but never thought about using the wallpaper sample books. Great idea! I agree, origami is very therapeutic. Marsha, I think the book you’re thinking about is Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes by Eleanor Coerr.


    1. Yes, that’s it, Patricia. Thank you for saving me! The story always had an impact on the students. The teacher was brilliant!


      1. It’s a very powerful story. And the teacher is brave for teaching an entire class to make cranes – it’s not the easiest origami project to do!


    2. You’re right about the credit card holder design. It doesn’t exist anywhere. My friend, Tricia, has a friend who designed it. Thanks for stopping by Patty.


  5. Beautiful. Jean, what can’t you do


    1. Thanks for stopping by, LIndsay. Glad you like them.


  6. Wow! Very cool!


  7. I had no idea there were practical uses for origami art. A wallet and c c holder? Amazing. I have only seen cute little animals. I am enjoying Joselyn’s fueling your creativity series and learning so much. Thanks for sharing, Jean, and best wishes on your new release.


    1. Thanks for stopping by, J.Q Rose. Next time I’ll have to offer to send a sample to anyone who wants one. Maybe when I finish the book I’m working on.


  8. Clever lady, I had no idea you had any ‘spare time’ 🙂


    1. I don’t these days. I made those before I started writing fiction! LOL. Thanks for stopping by, Sherry.


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