#sweetsat – Leslie’s first impression of Tara

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Since Climbing Heartbreak Hill is coming out in a few weeks, I thought I’d give you a little snippet of when Tara and Leslie first met. This is an excerpt from my first book, CEOs Don’t Cry.


Leslie grabbed her purse and hurried down the hall to the restroom before she and Mark left. As she emerged from the stall to wash her hands, another woman with long blonde hair, tight jeans with Playboy bunny silhouettes on the rear pockets and a T-shirt that fit like second skin stood in front of the mirror fussing with her hair.  Leslie pumped the antiseptic soap into her palm and turned on the faucet.

“Are you here with Mark Schultz?” the blonde asked, adjusting her bra and her T-shirt so a full three inches of skin showed in the deep v-neck.

Leslie twisted the knobs closed and dried her hands under the air drier. “Yes.  Do you know him?”

“We went to high school together.” The woman dug in her purse for a lipstick and upon finding it, coated her lips in a glossy red. “I’m Tara.”  She flashed a super red smile at Leslie.

“Leslie.”  Leslie held out her hands and Tara grabbed it with both hands.

“It’s great to meet you.  I haven’t seen Mark in forever,” Tara said as if she were doing a cheer at a football game. “Are you guys married?”

Leslie tucked her purse under her arm.  “We’re friends.”

“Oh.  You won’t mind if I say ‘hi’ then,” Tara squealed as they walked back to the tables.

Leslie watched Mark’s eyes snap to Tara like magnets to metal.  Suddenly she felt like mist in the wind.  Mark had forgotten about her. He completely focused on Tara and her push up bra.

“Tara?”  He asked, looking stunned.

Leslie wondered how he recognized her; he had barely spared a glance at Tara’s face.

“Yeah. It’s me.” She threw her arms around his neck.

Would she spell her name out, too? Leslie thought. She probably had a cheer for it. ‘Give me a T!’ Kick to the side. ‘Give me an A!’ Jump in the air. And a grand finish with a wide spread-eagle toe-touching jump.  Leslie rolled her eyes.

“You look great,” he said as Tara stepped back.

Tara slid her hands down his arms.  “You’ve been working out.” She giggled.

Mark got a goofy grin on his face.  “Yeah,” he shrugged. “Some. What are you up to? You back in town?”

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  1. I remember this scene. And I remember not liking Tara much. Congrats on the new release!


  2. OMG! What a piece of work that Mark is….but I had to giggle at how he recognized Tara from only a glance at her “push up bra.” LOL

    Thanks for sharing…and here’s MY SWEET SATURDAY SAMPLE


  3. Enjoyed the read. Makes me want to see what happened after that… Thanks for sharing!


  4. I already don’t like Tara and would like to smack Mark. Men!! Great descriptions, Joselyn. Love this story. I think I might have to buy the book.


  5. Tara made me mad! And what is mark thinking? Super excerpt.


  6. Oooh, jealousy rears its head…nice. 🙂


  7. Thanks, everyone! It’s been fun to explore things from Tara’s perspective in Climbing Heartbreak Hill. She’s actually hurting a lot more in this scene than she lets on. (Or than I knew when I wrote it. :-))


  8. Men! Why is Mark with Leslie and looking at Tara’s cleavage? RUDE! LOL I hope Leslie gives him a good talking to! Great sample!


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