On April 15, when the race clock at the Boston Marathon had counted to 4:09, runners who were meters from achieving dreams were knocked off their feet.

And so to honor all those affected by this tragedy, runners from around the country, and maybe even the world, are lacing up their shoes and running 4.09 miles.

I’ve participated in a couple of these events. The first was on my treadmill. When I hit 4.09 miles, I stopped the treadmill to take a picture and remember all those who had been and continue to be in harm’s way.

Treadmill mileage

Then I hit the start button and continued running

– for the emergency responders who ran to the aid of the injured.

– for the marathon runners who kept running past the finish line to give blood at the hospital.

– for everyone who has the courage to lace up their shoes and run this week.

– for those injured on April 15, who will recover and attempt runs and races.

Running gives us courage. This event will not stop us from running in our neighborhoods or signing up for the next race. It will motivate us to tackle the next mile.

Run on!


* The song playing on my iPod at this point in my run: “We didn’t start the fire” by Billy Joel. The chorus seemed particularly fitting. Youtube video



  1. I’ve always sort of wanted to be a runner. Health issues tend to interrupt any kind of exercise routine that I start. I totally respect all runners, especially those who can complete a marathon. This was a great post. Whatever this lunatic bomber was trying to say doesn’t change the fact that violence and murder is the least persuasive way to convince anyone of anything.


    1. The best quote I’ve seen this week is something about if you want to destroy the human spirit attacking marathoners isn’t the way to do it. It’s so true.


  2. Keep running.


  3. I’m so impressed with people who run. Takes a huge committment. Its just not something I choose to do. Walk, yes. I can go there, but my knees wouldn’t hold up if I tried to run. This is a good post, Joselyn. I too, commented on this tragic situation yesterday and what it says to and about us. http://www.marsharwest.com/category/blog We must learn to Live in the Moment.


  4. What a fitting way to honor those runners and Bostonians. I admire your runner’s spirit. Keep up the good work. I also admire those folks who helped did the right thing and helped the wounded and frightened folks. Very brave.

    I posted a clip from Brian Williams Rock Center to share an interview with staff at the Forum Restaurant where the second bomb exploded. They leave is with the right message.


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