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Today, Michigan author, Mary Vee, is sharing about  being Behind the Scenes.

Ever feel like you were the one family member skipped when God gave out the various artistic gifts.

My mom paints with oil on canvas. I have several of her works hanging in my home.

My oldest sister quilts blankets, purses, placemats, etc. Several of her works are in my home.

My younger sister crochets. Several of her works are also in my home.

My brother is a computer geek and because of him, the computer in my home works.

What I enjoy most about my family’s artistry is showing them to others. My guests walk in the house and without me saying any a word they’re drawn to the pieces.

This is my craft, my gift: showcasing other’s works.

Bitteroots, Montana

Bitteroots, Montana

There is a master craftsman whose works I also enjoy showing. I take my camera with me wherever I go and capture God’s artistry. I love visiting different places whether it takes me to the city or country and photo journaling what I see.

Often I stand in awe, gazing at His handiwork. One evening, on the Lake Michigan shoreline, the beach filled with men, women, and children sitting on the sand and facing the vast waters. They watched the sun slowly sink into the horizon. The colors painted the sky red, orange, yellow, and lavender. Once the sun sank, everyone leaped to their feet and applauded, like they do at fireworks displays.

God has made so much more than breathtaking landscapes. He made you, a lovely masterpiece.


Glacier National Park

Despite what I said above, and it took a while for me to see this, God has given me a gift, one that is still unfolding, and being masterfully crafted. He has given me the gift of designing words on a page to form stories intended to heal, help, and entertain His people.

One of my works is a story about Liz, a woman who losses her job because of the economy and is evicted. With no family left she is befriended by a group of homeless people living in a train station. Under the guise of teaching her survival skills she is sucked into their gang and forced to join. Will she find a way to escape?

Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park

Another of my works is a romance story mixing a bit of Hatfield/McCoy, city and country, the odd couple, with Romeo and Juliet (except no one dies in the end). It  takes place in the Rocky Mountains.  Sam Hatman, the ultimate stressed-out intern, is forced by her parents to leave her hectic Chicago life for one week of relaxing in the family’s timeshared cabin.  When she arrives, she discovers that Hank, a Macroy, is already there.  Their parents arrive, resulting in a disastrous, romantic, and occasionally hilarious encounter.

Wycliffe Compound in LaJoya Honduras

Wycliffe Compound in LaJoya Honduras






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  1. Your photos are amazing. Thanks for sharing them. Love the sound of your books too. I believe there is more than one gift at work here!


  2. Thank you Tess:)


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