Fuel Your Creativity with Nell Dixon and Castle Exploring

Don’t you wish you lived close enough to a Medieval castle to visit it? Sadly, they are sadly lacking in West Michigan, but Nell Dixon has several of them in her back yard (or slightly farther away than that).

From Nell:

I have always been a creative person. Before my arthritis got worse I loved to quilt by hand and I made some heirloom cot quilts for my daughters and my niece to be handed down through the family. I also used to draw and paint but writing now takes up much of my free time. Instead I fuel my creativity by following my passion for buildings. My husband, Mr Nell and I are trying to visit every cathedral in the UK.

An old church in Cotswolds

An old church in Cotswolds

We have visited some beautiful buildings including Gloucester – the cloisters there were used in filming the Harry Potter films. Worcester, Peterborough, Exeter, Canterbury and even modern ones like Coventry.

a Benedictine Abbey

A Benedictine Abbey

The building of cathedrals in the UK dates back to the Norman conquest. Before the Normans, the Saxons built mainly in wood so early church buildings made of stone had thick, walls with simple carvings and spanning any distance was problematic.

As the middle ages progressed and stone masons became more adept the vaults changed from round barrel vaults in the beautiful fan vaults, heavily carved that you find in the decorated period.

I love to travel around the UK to visit the different buildings, to admire the beauty of the buildings and marvel at how the masons must have worked with limited tools to create buildings that praised God and impressed man.

Flowers inside church

Flowers inside church

Every building has its own quirks and stories of the people who built them and sometimes the hidden jokes the masons would play.

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  1. I’ve been to the UK twice, and the magnificent castles there are some of my fondest memories – aside from meeting the wonderful people! How lucky you are to have all that history so close to you. Love your photos.


  2. What a fun hobby! I once considered driving around photographing barns for an agricultural survey. Barns are cool, but nearly as cool as castles!


    1. That should be NOT nearly as cool as castles. Duh! I think I typed this before coffee this morning.


  3. I love old buildings. I have a Norman castle just 2 miles from my home along with a stately home with gardens designed by Capability Brown. I’m very spoilt!


  4. In my home town of Joplin, Missouri you could catch a glimpse of our resident castle after the leaves had fallen. Driving over old Shoal Creek bridge if you craned your neck just so you saw the gray stone turret spearing up. As a kid, I always got shivers looking at it. As an adult, I’ve been lucky enough to visit the UK and see many of the castles there. I still get the shivers.


  5. This is such a fun hobby! I would love to travel and take pictures of old Castles! 🙂 You’ll have to post some of your pics on facebook! 🙂


  6. Your book sounds darling, Nell, and I loved the pictures. I’ve only been to England once, many years ago. A wonderful trip. Love old buildings and I got to see a bunch! I have a cousin who as a young married was stationed somewhere in England. (Don’t remember where.) While she was there she’d visit a cymmetary (sp?) and make etchings from the stones. She’d put a thin paper on top and use a pencil to pull the figures on the page. I saw some she’d done. It was cool. Thanks for sharing hobby.


  7. Now castle viewing is a hobby I could get into. Visiting the UK is definitely on my bucket list…again. Photos are beautiful. Your book sounds like a fun read! Best wishes.


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