#sweetsat – Where Colin was

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This is from my current work in progress. I don’t have a good title for it yet, so suggestions are welcome.

Sidney found her phone stashed in her bag. She pressed the wake button and was greeted by a screen with no notifications on it. What could have happened to Colin? She held the phone to her mouth and commanded it to call Colin. The call went straight to his voicemail, so she left another message. The phone almost vibrated out of her hand with the warning that she had an incoming call. The screen announced that it was Colin, so pressed the buttons necessary to answer his call.

“Hey honey, what happened?”

“Sorry I missed the race.”

“It’s okay. Some guy Aunt Penny knows filled in. We’re still in the running for the trip.”

“That’s great, but we won’t need to win the race to go on our dream honeymoon.”

Sidney blinked. They were scraping together every spare penny for the wedding as it was. She’d worn her fingers raw this morning attempting to wire silk flowers and twinkle lights together for the arbor. She’d pricked her fingers a dozen times on the snipped wires, but the end result wasn’t half-bad. She pictured drooping daisies and the mangled leaves. Truthfully, it was all bad. Tomorrow, she’d try to salvage what she could. If only something with this wedding would right the first time.

“We’ve got it made now.” Colin was almost breathless. “I went to this seminar this morning and spent the rest of the afternoon talking with the speakers. I can’t wait to get in on the ground floor.”

“I thought your seminar this morning was for work.” Colin was a customer service manager for a local call center. They frequently had training seminars on Saturday mornings when the call volume was lower and more representatives could attend.

“No. My buddy from work recommended it. He’s just getting started himself and says the potential for big bucks is there. In just a couple months, I could make enough for us to go anywhere in the world, not just some teeny-weeny islands in the Puget Sound.”

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  1. Oh no. Sounds like Colin is getting caught up in some kind of get rich quick scheme. Maybe it’s a warning sign for Sidney?


  2. It doesn’t sound good, does it? Falling for a potential scam….now I want to know more!



  3. Run, Sydney, run! Or paddle, whichever you prefer.


  4. Uh oh. This doesn’t sound good!!


  5. Why do I think Colin has been caught in a scam? I hope he sees the light in time to save their weding and honeymoon.


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