What will malfunction next?

First, it was the sewing machine, then it was the television, now it’s the treadmill?

The other night, my husband had to go back to work, so I dutifully got on the treadmill for a run. (I’m training for a 25k in May and things have been going pretty well so far.) I plugged the safety key in and the treadmill proceeded to recalibrate its incline. Normally, when it does this, it raises to the top of its motion, then goes back down. This time it made it to the top, but instead of going back down, it went ker-chunk, ker-chunk, ker-chunk.

Not good.

I hopped down and unplugged everything, hoping that would reset it, but still ker-chunk, ker-chunk, ker-chunk. I ended up on the exercise bike which my bum and shoulders regretted the next day.

The next night, my husband, being the super smart engineer that he is, took it apart and attempted to fix the problem. It wasn’t really fix able, but he was able to get the ker-chunking to stop, so I could run on it again. The bonus part was no hills.

The next night I went for a run and felt sluggish. I attributed it to taking a day off and using different muscles on the bike. Tomorrow would feel better.

Tomorrow didn’t. Granted scarfed a lot of chocolate over the last few days, but I shouldn’t feel this bad, especially with the incline only at the un-level of the floor. I was used to that. After the third day of feeling cruddy, I decided to check the incline with the handy-dandy app on my phone. Ah-ha! Now I had a good reason to feel cruddy. The incline was a whole degree higher than the incline of the floor. That makes for a really long uphill.

At least now I know and I can adjust the speed accordingly.

(I’m seeing a trend here – all the appliances related to keeping my sanity. Does that mean I’m going to lose it soon?)



  1. Trying to see the positive here–running uphill for three runs in a row has to be great for training!


    1. That’s what I keep telling myself, but boy is my bum sore.


  2. I like the fact that it is still usable after he took it apart. In my house it would still be down for the count.


  3. So the moral of the story is: sew by hand, watch what’s outside your window, and run around the house (or block). And don’t buy anything that needs to plug in. Good luck with that.


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