#sweetsat – The dash to the finish

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This is from my current work in progress. I don’t have a good title for it yet, so suggestions are welcome. Sidney and Joshua are still in the canoe race, but it’s neck and neck with Missy and Zach who may or not have been cheating. 🙂


Sidney’s paddle rested across her knees. She raised her eyes and met Joshua’s gaze. He didn’t know what was going on between her and Missy and if it had anything to do with the missing Colin, but anyone who brought a trolling motor to a canoe race deserved to have their butt kicked. Since it looked like it would only take one punch to lay Zach flat, and that wouldn’t be very satisfying, he pushed his vengeance into paddling. His arms already screamed with fatigue and his hands were raw with blisters, but Sidney deserved a fair chance at the honeymoon of her dreams.

He didn’t dare chance a look to see if the officials found the sputtering motor. He kept his focus ahead on the green canoe, imagining his stare was a tow line that he was slowly and steadily reeling in.

It took a minute or so before Sidney broke out of her shock and started stroking through the water again. With her extra power, the canoe shot through the water and the distance closed quickly.

But was it fast enough? The finish banner propped on floating buoys wasn’t more than a few hundred yards away. Sidney steered them into the narrow aisle between the flags. So close, his biceps gritted with each stroke. They’d narrowed the gap to feet and he could almost grasp Missy’s canoe. He wouldn’t do it though. Sidney was going to win the race fair and square.

Missy glanced over her shoulder and snarled something to Zach.

“Watch out!” Sidney shouted and Joshua ducked just as Missy swung her paddle in an awkward stroke meant to clock him across the forehead. But throwing his weight to the side had a disastrous effect. The canoe wobbled. Sidney tried to compensate by throwing her weight in the opposite direction. Unfortunately, Joshua did the same and they both tumbled into the water.

He heard Missy cheer as the water closed over his head. He grabbed her paddle, despite is panic at being in the water. His feet found the ground and he shoved his head out of the water, gasping for breath. She jerked the paddle, but he held tight and was rewarded to feel her resistance slacked and a body tumble into the churning water in front of him.

“Joshua,” Sidney yelled. “Grab the canoe and run.”

He struggled around the floundering Missy and grabbed the rope handle at the front of the boat. He charged toward the banner and the beach with legs that weren’t as lifeless as his arms.

“We have to get the canoe on the beach and run through the final banner,” Sidney instructed between gasps.

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  1. Wow! That was intense….and my emotions were surging as the dirty deeds unfolded….thanks for sharing.



  2. I could feel myself rooting them on. Great excerpt.


  3. I hope the judging were watching all those fouls going down and justice is done and they don’t bot fiind themselves discqualified. Great suspense.


  4. No fair! They’d better get caught.


  5. Wow. I’ve got to see how this ends. Great tension.


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