#sweetsat – Something suspicious in the canoe race

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This is from my current work in progress. I don’t have a good title for it yet, so suggestions are welcome.

“I’m not sure I can keep this pace for much longer. My arms are starting to feel like Jello.”

“Just keep going to the next buoy. I can take us home from there.” She hoped her own arms would support her confidence. She was paddling much harder than usual to keep ahead of Missy and Zach. Joshua wasn’t the only one starting to feel the wobbles.

Missy and Zach were pulling closer. Sidney couldn’t understand how they were catching up today. Maybe Joshua wasn’t as strong as he appeared. Her arms burned, but they only had the lake to go. She wouldn’t let Missy win this and take away her honeymoon. She’d fight to the end, even if her arms fell off and she had to drink her coffee through a straw.

The wind shifted and Sidney thought she heard the whirr of a motor. One of those small trolling motors used by bass fisherman to lurk in the weeds. She cocked her head to try to locate the sound. The boats monitoring the race had heavier motors that sounded more like the rumble of a car engine rather than the buzz of a weed-whacker.

Missy and Zach had moved closer still and the engine sound was louder. They couldn’t be… She knew Missy might play dirty, but would she really outright cheat? Would she be so brassy as to sneak a motor into the race?

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  1. Interesting! I hope the characters make it through this race in one piece. And the mention of the honeymoon has me curious. Why is she worried about someone taking her honeymoon away from her?


  2. I hate swimming so your excerpt had me puffing a little. Great snippet.


  3. The mention of losing the honeymoon is a great hook, I want to know more.


  4. Methinks I smell (or hear) a rat.


  5. Ah, I do hate cheaters! Thanks for sharing…and here’s MY SWEET SATURDAY SAMPLE


  6. Pretty competitive for a simple canoe race. What else is making this so important? Stealing her honeymoon? Hmmm…very curious.


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