Enough with the Haunted Appliances

There have been various strange occurrences with my sewing machines in the last year (See Haunted Sewing Machines.) I attributed the problems to a faulty extension cord, but when I started having problems with my new sewing machine, I wondered if the problem was much deeper. Like in the outlet or the 100-year-old electrical wires. I moved the machine to a different room and had the same problem. My husband helped me trouble-shoot it and we figured out that the tension was just way too high for the specialty stitches and thread I was using. Problem solved. Mostly.

Unfortunately, the haunting doesn’t seem limited to my sewing machines.

My husband is addicted to Craigslist. Yours, too? I know I’m not alone. He spends hours searching for things we don’t need. So when he found a bigger television just around the corner for $20, I said why not.

Twenty dollars may have been too high.

Our television watching area is upstairs, so he had to lug the bulky machine up the stairs. I checked to make sure our life insurance was paid up.

The television also stunk to high heaven. The previous owners had been smokers and the stench filled the whole room. I doused everything with Febreeze the next day. It was better. Not gone, but better.

The screen also flickered a bit. We debated whether it was interference from one of the speakers (One of them turned a section of the screen on the old TV green if it was too close. I have no idea.) or if it was a bum TV. It wasn’t bad, so whatever.

The next morning, I noticed the TV was on. I am sure I turned it off the previous night. I turned it off again, then took a shower. When I got out, it was on again. We played this game until I was smart enough to unplug it. (Sadly, this took me more than an hour to figure out. I blame the cigarette fumes.)

We bought a fancy power strip, so we could push a button to turn it off and on. The strip cost more than the TV, but this solution worked fine for a month.

Then last night, the flickering got worse. It reminded me of having problems with the vertical hold on the televisions of my youth. Unfortunately, this TV is too new to have an adjustment for that. My husband thinks it is suffering from nicotine withdrawal and we need to light some cigarettes around it.

I have a feeling he’ll be hauling it down the stairs in the near future.



  1. Somebody is trying to contact you from beyond… 🙂 Okay, probably not. Just don’t leave an iron plugged in or anything.


    1. Especially since the iron is plugged into the same outlet. :-/


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