#sweetsat – Where was Colin?

Welcome back to Sweet Saturday Samples!  I would share a bit more of Climbing Heartbreak Hill with you, but it is now contracted with Astraea Press, so you will have to wait until the book comes out. 🙂

This is from my current work in progress. I don’t have a good title for it yet, so suggestions are welcome.


Sydney snapped her life jacket and double checked the oars in her canoe. Where was Colin? The race would start any minute.

Around her, other teams were lining up their canoes and stowing their gear. She moved to the rear of the canoe and unhooked Colin’s life jacket, so it would be ready for him to slip on as soon as he appeared on the beach. She’d already placed his paddle along the floor with that handle away from his seat, so he could jump into place after pushing off and grab the handle to be ready for paddling.

“The start of the race will be in about five minute, ladies and gentlemen!” the announcer bellowed through a staticky bullhorn.

Excitement buzzed around her as her anxiety level rose. Where WAS Colin? It wasn’t like him to be late. He knew they need the prize money from this race to pay for the wedding. If he didn’t arrive soon, he wouldn’t get into his race rhythm and Missy and Zach would beat them for sure.

She double-checked her vest, then raised her hand to her eyes to scan the milling spectators. If she and Colin won this race, they would be in excellent position for the final race in the triple crown. The bonus for winning all three races was a trip to the San Juan Islands. Sidney had been dreaming about going there, since she’d heard about the whale watching tours. Her dream would be gone, if Colin didn’t show up.


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  1. Oh my, that last line is very telling her dream trip to see the whales almost seems more important than Colin.


  2. PS 🙂 Cangratulations on your new contract.


  3. I hope nothing has happened to him.


  4. Congratulations on your contract with Astraea. I’m looking forward to reading Climbing Heartbreak Hill. I enjoyed today’s post, and I’m wondering where Colin could be. I hope he’s okay. By the way, a trip to the San Juans is one of my dreams too! Maybe this summer.


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