The Neverending PJs are done!

The "final" project

While it looks really cute, the top just does not work.

These pajamas have gone through so many iterations. They started out as a nightgown, then became a camisole and shorts. They are finally done.

The problem with the picture above is that the top under the lace was too tight. It fit, but it was too uncomfortable to sleep in. I took the ruffle off and put elastic in. It was better, but it wasn’t. Wearing the top just felt weird, so it went back into the pile of projects.

Then I was flipping through on of the One Yard Wonders books. (These are great. The instructions are well-written and -tada!- only take one yard of fabric.) I found a nightgown that was probably the pattern I should have started with. It had two triangles at the top, so cut two triangles and stitched them to the top.

Final pj top

And it fits! It’s a bit Moulin Rouge, but since it’s pajamas, it doesn’t matter so much.



  1. It looks really cute! 🙂


    1. Thanks! It’s even pretty comfortable.


  2. Love it. I’m so impressed by your projects!


    1. Thanks, Patty!


  3. It looks great! You amaze me. I’m still working on the flannel PJ pants.


    1. You can do it!


  4. Whatever will you do now? That pile must be getting low…LOL
    W.S. Gager on Writing


    1. The pile keeps getting bigger. 🙂


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