That didn’t wash out.

My son is at the age where he wears the knees out of his pants before he outgrows them. I’ve chopped the legs off and made shorts. I’ve ironed patches on the knees and I’ve made monster jeans.

When the Little One wore a hole in her pants, I made a patch and reversed appliqued a heart. It came out pretty cute and saved one of her favorite pairs of pants. She tends to be particular, so this is a good thing.

After another round of laundry, I discovered two more pair of my son’s pants with holes. So I tried something a little different.

Car reverse applique

I used the same reverse applique technique, but searched through the thousands (literally) of embroidery designs before I found the open-centered car. I used leftover fabric from other jeans that I had shortened for the back of the patch.


While searching, I found this design first and thought it would be cute to try. The problem here was that the nails of the bear claw were really hard to cut out. I imagine they will have to wear out a little more.

Going back to the title of this post… As I prepared the embroidery, I worried that the stitching would catch on the frayed edges of the holes, so I put a piece of stabilizer over the top. I thought it was water-soluble and would disappear when I washed the pants. It wasn’t and didn’t. Most of it tore away, but little bits stuck in the stitching. A couple hours later, I picked most of the paper out. It was much easier to get out of the bear claw than the car.

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