One Lovely Blog Award

One Lovely Blog award

So the fabulous Tess Grant tagged me for the One Lovely Blog award. Woohoo! If you like werewolves, you have to check out her Kitty Irish series. They are awesome and the last one is due to come out soon.

On to the random facts about me:

1. I get motion sickness when I run outside after running on the treadmill for a couple days.

2. I have favorite pens that I refuse to lend to anyone. They aren’t even nice pens. (almost had an extra letter in there, that would have been bad.)

3. The street where I grew up no longer exists.

4. I’ve been dyeing my hair since before the gray appeared and now I am afraid to stop. What lurks under there?

5. My dog is afraid of his own shadow and frequently barks at absolutely nothing. Either that or our house is haunted and he has a sixth sense. I prefer to believe he has dog senility.

6. While I’m not much of a swimmer, I don’t think I could live somewhere completely landlocked. I like having a large body of water nearby.

7. I have an awesome critique group and I don’t think writing would be nearly as much fun without them.

And now I’m passing the award on to these awesome bloggers and writers. Check out their books for some great reads:

Lisa Orchard (

Marti Ocilka (

Cyndi Frederick (

Wendy Knight (


  1. I don’t know about dog senility. Remember the seeing machine. 🙂


  2. Duh! That’s sewing machine not seeing machine!


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