Sweet Saturday Sample or Does Bavarian Cream Smell like Almonds?

Here’s another snippet from Climbing Heartbreak Hill:

Tara awoke face down on her pillow to her alarm squawking six o’clock in one ear and her phone jingling in the other. She lifted her face off the case to find her makeup had left a smeared outline on the fabric. After slapping the off button on the alarm, she turned to the phone and squinted at the caller ID. Minnie? Goodness, why was she calling at this hour?

Then the events of the last twenty-four hours came rushing back. Charles. No, she grimaced, Chuck. And Ryan. Oh boy.

She flipped the phone open. “Hello?” she croaked, wondering how her breath hadn’t burned a hole through her pillowcase.

“The jerk-wad is still up in his room, complaining about a sore neck. I don’t expect he’s none too happy with his stay at The Lilac Bower. Been having a problem with the water heater. It cut out right as he jumped into the shower. That city water is cold this time of year. Probably heard him scream halfway to Glendale.”

Tara wasn’t sure how to reply. ‘Thank you’ and ‘That’s not even close to what he deserves’ were on the tip of her tongue, but neither seemed adequate.

“I’m working on breakfast. I may have to run to the store though. The milk I’ve got isn’t even close to its expiration date and I’d rather have something a touch more sketchy.”

“He won’t drink milk. He likes some fancy Bavarian cream stuff.”

“Shoot. Wait, does it smell like almonds?”

Tara didn’t like where Minnie’s train of thought was going. Cold showers and that kind of torture she could get behind, but poison was a little too close to jail time. “Minnie, I don’t want you and Chuck to be cellmates.”

“Good thought. I’ll stick with burning the toast and overcooking the eggs. Hank says the insurance adjuster won’t be out until Monday to look at Chuck’s car since this isn’t a priority case or anything.”

“Thank you, Minnie. If you could keep an eye on him over the weekend, it would help out.”

“I’ve got him covered until the library benefit.”

Shoot. Tara had forgotten all about it. Leslie had taken care of their sponsorship long ago, but she was still obligated to put in an appearance.


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  1. Sounds like Charles is in for a rough time! I’m so glad you’re continuing this series.


    1. Thanks, Patty! I just submitted it this week.


  2. I enjoyed today’s excerpt. The dialogue is realistic with just the right amount of thoughts tossed in to let us know what’s going on in Tara’s head. I’m looking forward to more!


    1. Thanks, Sandy!


  3. A great sample. I’ve missed a few of the earlier snippets but the venom in this scene fairly bounces off the page.


    1. Glad to have you stop by, Sherry!


  4. Now I’m definitely intrigued about what will happen next! Thanks! And here’s MY SWEET SATURDAY SAMPLE


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