Minnesota Sundress

My mother-in-law gave my husband this t-shirt. She is amazing at finding good deals and this is a great shirt.

Before image of Minnesota T-shirt

The white marks are the chalk outline of my sundress.

Unfortunately, this shirt is a 3X.  My husband is a big guy and wears an XLT in most cases, but this shirt was even too big for him.

He threw it in the Goodwill pile and I snatched it back out, thinking it would be a fantastic opportunity for a reconstruction.

I traced one of my sundresses onto the shirt and bravely chopped away. This project went really smoothly; the hardest part being seeing the seams on the black fabric in the horrendous lighting in my sewing room. I was a little worried about the length, but it isn’t inappropriate.

So, a little snip and stitch and waa-laa! a new sundress. Or possibly pajamas. I haven’t decided yet.

Finished sundress

I debated about a sash, but the dress fits really well and the sash would have covered the area of Minnesota we visit every summer.



  1. Wow and just in time for your trip! Can we get photos of you in it in the warm weather? Just a tease for us staying home? Have fun and glad it worked without any hitches!
    W.S. Gager on Writing


    1. It only took about an hour and my sewing machine is working so much better.


  2. I never knew you were so crafty. Cute sundress!


    1. Thanks! It was super simple.


  3. Great imagination, loved the dress, sadly, knowing that i am a 4xlt, kind of puts a sting to it too, knowing that you can make a dress out of one of my shirts…


    1. Thanks for stopping by Troy. I’ve made dresses out of larges too, but there’s a reason I called the last one the Moiling Rouge dress. 🙂


  4. Bring it to Florida it looks really cute take a picture in it! Kathy


    1. Thanks, Kathy!


  5. Another masterpiece. Yes, we need to see a pic of you modeling this cute creation.


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