When shoes turn into Mittens

It’s not as miraculous as water into wine, but when I ask my children to get ready to go somewhere, I advise them to put their shoes on. Shoes tend to be scattered throughout the house and this task takes the longest to complete. Nine times out of ten, the children return to the entry way with their feet bare and their hands encased in mittens. (Weather isn’t much of a factor in this.)

After a reminder that mittens go on last because you can’t do anything else with them on, the mittens are abandoned somewhere in the house, preferably as far from the door as possible, especially if the weather actually warrants them. Instead of shoes, they retrieve their scarves next. On go their hats and and whatever coat is least appropriate for the weather, then they choose their footwear. The colder and wetter the weather the more likely the choice will be something open-toed. Unless there is a hint of precipitation, then they will eagerly don snow or rain boots – also the first choice in ninety-degree weather.

When we finally get to the appropriate time for mittens, we have to search for them. Did you leave them where you put on your socks? Are they with fifteen toys you debated and discarded taking with you? Why are they stuffed behind the toilet, in the bottom of the dress up box, or inside your pillowcase?

So if we are late, it’s because our shoes turned into mittens, and it took us half an hour to undo this miracle.


  1. You have such an interesting way of putting things! I’m so glad you’re documenting all this so you can look back at it when they’re grown. And I’m doubly glad that you’re sharing it all with us. Someday those shoes and mittens and toys will be gone, and believe it or not, you’ll miss them.


    1. Thank you, Patty!


  2. Now when I read the first part of this I thought it was going to be another one of your sewing projects and couldn’t wait to see it. Enjoyed this just as well but not what I thought.
    W.S. Gager on Writing


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