Need some pants? Here’s my sleeve.

My son is a typical boy. He spends a lot of time crawling on the floor pushing his Matchbox cars around. And the knees of his pants are fine one day and gone the next.

I thought I had enough pants for the this winter, but then he grew. Wearing them made him look like he was preparing to tiptoe through ankle-deep water. (It is election season, maybe he needed to tiptoe through something else.)

So the number of pants in his drawer shrank to the point that he couldn’t make it between laundry days. I reminded myself to do a tour of the local thrift shops in search of the elusive Boys, size 6 pants.

Then I remembered: I CAN SEW.

Why not whip a pair? (I know you are thinking about the underwear incident and probably yelling at your computer that Walmart is only two miles away. It’s not that bad, I promise.)

He likes sweatpants, and doesn’t have many pairs, and they would be easy. Rather than digging through my stash of fabric, most of which is not fleece, I remembered that my husband had discarded a couple sweatshirts. One of them was actually all there, and except for a few paint smears, was in decent shape.

The sweatshirt before

Surprisingly, the cuffs aren’t worn through, nor are there random holes all over the place. My husband tends to be hard on clothes that he wears into the garage.

I took a pair of my son’s pants and laid them on the sleeve, then traced the length needed for the crotch seam. I cut them stitched them and half an hour later, my son had a new pair of pants.  There may be some problems as my son’s legs are longer than my husband’s arms. The shoulder part of the sweatshirt became the waist and butt part of the pants. This part of the sweatshirt doesn’t stretch the same way as the sleeves. I am confident that they will fit fine.

Finished pants

Technically, there isn’t a front or back, but I picked a side and put a tag in anyway. The paint splotches ended up on the back. 

My son has been instructed to only wear them at home and for grubby things, since the paint smears were, of course, on the sleeves of the sweatshirt.

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  1. Love this one! I’m not sure I’d be brave enough to try it without a detailed guide of how to cut those sleeves correctly. They look great!


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