A Pocket for a Purse

I’m addicted to Pinterest. I love looking at all the creative things  people come up with. Some I am simply in awe of and some remind me that ‘hey, I can probably do that.’

And then I try.

Last week I saw this cute messenger bag made from a pair of cargo pants. Conveniently, my husband just threw out a couple pairs, so I thought why not give it a whirl.

The pattern I found used a floral fabric for a bias binding around the front cover, so I had to dig through my fabric stash for something to go with the khaki shorts I was going to cut up.  As I was shuffling through the tubs, I found a pair of my son’s cargo pants with the knees worn out of them. I had intended to make them into Monster Jeans, but was confounded by the extent of the worn knees. I would have had to put a large patch behind the knees before tackling the monster face. But they had really cute pockets. My project switched from the shorts to these pants.

The before picture

These jeans were really cute. I was so bummed that the knees wore out.

I cut out one of the leg pockets and one of the bum pockets, then found some scraps of yellow to use for lining and an additional pocket. The yellow had a small eyelet pattern, but the scraps were only the edges. Since it was going inside the purse, I said ‘oh well.’ Then I cut off the least worn leg to use as the main part of the purse and made a flap to go over the front. Things were going smoothly, except that I had to switch thread colors every time between yellow and blue. And for some reason when I pressed the yellow fabric, it smelled like gasoline. Hmm.

Under the flap

Oops, the pocket is a little off center. Good thing it’s under the flap.

I stitched the bottom of the pant leg together and it looked pretty good. Then I ran out of time for the day and had to come back later. Thankfully it gave me time to think about what to do for a handle or strap. Since it was a smaller messenger bag, I thought it should have a longer strap, so you could wear it across your body. Problem: that would take a lot of piecing. I didn’t have any really long pieces of either the denim or the eyelet. My original thought was to make a tube with denim on one side and yellow on the other. Not a project I wanted to tackle, so it sat.

Then I decided I could use some nylon strapping that I had. No trying to flip a tube inside-out. Bonus. I just had to find it. While in my search I came across this crocheted piece that my mom made. She thought I could wear it as a scarf or necklace. That’s all we’ll say about that.

Finished product

Isn’t that pocket so cute?


I stitched it to the bag, tied a knot in it because it stretches a lot and would hang down to my knees, and wala! the bag was done. It would be a great carrier for my Kindle.


  1. Very nice! A new bag, and you didn’t have to spend a dime. Don’t you love it?


    1. Thanks, Patty! I love making something completely out of junk that I have.


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