Got my red shirt, ready to be an extra

I went for simplicity this time. After the Hacked-up Sweatshirt, I wanted to do something that didn’t require a lot of thought.  I started with a red t-shirt. It has a long underwear texture.

The before picture of the red shirt

Adjustments to the dummy have been made. You can see the mammoth shoulders. (It is ridiculous how many attempts it took me to spell mammoth.)

In my head the neckline was more of a crew neck, so I thought I would trim that out into a deeper opening which is much more flattering on me. As you can see, I didn’t need to do that.

The shirt was a size too large, so I took in each side seam about an inch. This gave me just enough fabric to make flowers for the neckline and dress the whole thing up a bit.

After picture

Added the flowers. There is still some weird thing going on the shoulders and hips on the dummy. I haven’t figured out what makes them so wonky.

The whole process took less than a half an hour. (I didn’t have to convince anyone to use the bathroom during that time, so under normal circumstances, it might take a bit longer.)

Close up of the flowers

A close up of the flowers. I basically gathered the fabric and stitched it together. Easy peasy.

Now I’m all set to go on Star Trek (or Lost) and be the random crew member who gets killed.


  1. Looks great. Just in time for Christmas with that bright color. I love the flowers and your creativity!
    W.S. Gager on Writing


  2. Cute! I don’t know how you find time for it, but more power to you!


    1. Thanks! I usually end up cleaning up something foul after I do a project.


  3. Very pretty! I think you should wear it the next time you eat at Olive Garden.


    1. 🙂 I was thinking about it. I haven’t decided on my Olive Garden ensemble yet.


  4. This is so cute. Did you also make a pair of Spock’s ears for your debut on Star Trek?


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