Hacked-up Sweatshirt

(Oops. Almost had a problem with the R key on my computer in the title. That would send this post in a totally different direction.)

Next project: Convert this sweatshirt into something non-boring.

It’s oddly-shaped. It’s a weird blue-white. It probably could be better. Will whatever I do to it, make that happen. Don’t you wish you could find out.

Sweatshirt before picture

Haha! Tess Grant, I remembered the before picture!

I started by giving it more shape. Instead of agonizing over a project for hours before I cut, this time I only spent minutes contemplating before I started hacking away.

I wanted another asymmetrical cardigan, so I made that cut first, then cut some diagonals across the front. I did similar cuts in the back. It didn’t look to bad so far, but the white was atrocious.

After my successful jeans-dyeing project, I decided to go for it again. After a not-s0-quick trip to Walmart, and standing in front of the dye and looking at the wrong shelf, I returned home with six different colors. I finally decided on purple. Since I had just restored my washing machine to somewhat pristine condition, I decided to attempt this project in a tub. I mixed it up, realized I didn’t have enough salt and said, “oh well.”

dye bath

Very exciting picture of the dye bath. The sweatshirt is completely immersed. Hey, good idea to use a colored tub, so it doesn’t get stained.

dye mishap

Part of the instructions for tub dyeing say to stir constantly. Well, that didn’t happen. I did stir occasionally, while wearing rubber gloves, but one of my gloves must have been defective. I ended up with a purple finger. Thankfully it wore off quickly.

After letting it soak for almost thirty minutes, I rinsed it and threw it in the washing machine. The washing machine ended up a bit purple, but that wore off during the next marathon of laundry.

back of sweatshirt

Here you can see the cuts I made to give it a more ‘flattering’ shape. It does look less boxy, so I suppose that was somewhat successful. As always it looks cute on the dummy.

The color came out pretty well. I was hoping for a little darker, but I was too impatient to leave it in the dye any longer.


White stitching on purple wasn’t exactly the look I was going for.


I cut off the collar, cuffs and waistband, and sewed fleece on instead. Then I wasn’t sure I liked it. The dress dummy has been wearing it for the last two weeks. I am debating closures and whether I like it enough to finish it. The problem might be that it still looks like an ill-fitting sweatshirt, at least in my head.

With the fleece

This is how it looks with the fleece. The collar is a boat-neck shape that stands up. I might add a zipper, but haven’t figured out how to attach it at the collar.


  1. I love the color! I think toggle buttons would look cute.


    1. I like that. Maybe frog closures. It’s kinda growing on me.


  2. I am in awe of your sewing skills and turning out something so cute from something so blah…!! I hope more folks come over to see this and the previous post. Amazing!!


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