Underwear? What was I thinking?

One Saturday afternoon, I had the ‘brilliant’ idea that I could sew some underwear for my daughter. She’s four, so they would be small and quick and I had fabric and elastic so why not?

Why not indeed.

In my deluded thoughts, this would be so much simpler than hopping into the truck driving the two miles to Walmart and spending $6 on ten pair.

So I dug through my nine million patterns looking for one the appropriate size. I was sure I has one because my mother made most of my underpants growing up (with way more success than I had, I might add.) I found every size but one even close to my daughter’s. I decided to make a pattern from one of hers.

That went alright until the simple technique I had planned would have over-stretched the elastic and had to be discarded. The first pair finished I to something that would have failed home ec. My daughter was disappointed that there wasn’t a tag in the back.

I attempted another pair. Again? Walmart was still only two miles away. This pair looked slightly better. And I was not deterred from further attempts. By the third pair, I had something that looked fairly decent. The elastic around waist was a little wonky, but I now had a plan that worked. I made a fourth pair. This pair looked really good. (Thank goodness I was out of fabric at this point.)

My daughter loved them. She picked the cutest ones to wear right away. Then… see any of my posts about potty training especially the most recent one. Sigh. I’ve started just throwing those away. I just can’t attempt to clean them anymore. So now two pair are gone and they are, of course, the best looking pairs.

Whenever the idea strikes to make more, I just remind myself that two miles really isn’t that far to drive.


  1. I feel your pain. Though I did not make my own underwear, I am potty training (or attempting to) 2 two year olds at the moment.
    It is not fun, especially with carpet throughout my house. Lol. Good luck. 🙂


    1. I hope it goes more smoothly than any of mine. Although the youngest is doing pretty well. She pretty much has it down and she won’t be three until November. Having older siblings helps.


  2. What were you thinking? Next time put Wal-Mart on your running route and kill two birds. Love the posts. They always make me laugh! (And be glad I have teens!)


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