Neverending PJs

I have about a dozen pair of PJs, but most of them are long and warm and entirely inappropriate for our recent summer weather. I decided to make a flowy nightgown out of fabric I purchased to make a maternity nightgown when I was pregnant with the twins. (Yeah, that didn’t happen since I couldn’t reach my sewing machine after five months along.)

From my recently acquired patterns from my mom, I dug out one I thought I remembered my mom making. She made me matching ones. I remember them being soft and light and pink.


A picture of the fabric. Tess Grant says I need before pictures and the computer didn’t eat this one.

The fabric I chose was bright white with blue flowers and a somewhat heavier weight than my mom’s choice. And probably where it all started to go wrong.

I opened the pattern envelope to find only two pattern pieces. Woohoo! This should be a simple project and be done by noon. (Don’t laugh too hard, because you know where this story is now going.)

After an hour of hand sewing – leading me to believe that this was not the pattern my mother used or that she had dramatically altered it – I had the neckline done. It looked terrible. It was claustrophobicly small and tortured looking. I put it down and made lunch.

The next day, I returned to the project, determined to make my own alterations and make it work. I chopped off the neckline. I was going to add some lace and wide straps, sew up the sides and be done by noon. (Again don’t hurt  yourself laughing.)

I couldn’t find the lace I had in mind. I had too many hands ready to help me change stitches on the sewing machine, and it was becoming obvious that this wasn’t the fabric for the garment I intended.

By noon, I had the beginnings of a sundress that would look really cute on someone else. The fabric, while being plain cotton, was stiffer, so instead of being flowy and light, looked like a tent on me.

I debated overnight whether to finish it as a sundress and give it away or to continue torturing the project.

The next morning I cut the dress in half. I made the bottom half into shorts by totally winging a pattern. They are comfortable and they fit really well.


I traced a pair of pj bottoms that I really liked and came out with some really bute bottoms. They fit AND are comfortable. Unbelievable.

The "final" project

While it looks really cute, the top just does not work.

That leaves the top.

Sigh. It’s about an inch too tight and the lace is itchy.

Back to the drawing board.


  1. Yay for before photos! It looks very cute. Too bad about the top–sounds like T-shirt time!


  2. It sure looks cute. How about a Christmas gift for someone? I admire your perseverance, I would have had a hissy-fit and stomped on the fabric, shredded it and put it in the trash can.


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