Mysteries of the Vaughn Household

* A child can complain they are starving all afternoon, then not eat a bite of supper.

* The children can be wrestling like wild dogs when in the house, but once they go outside they will sit quietly in a chair clutching their blankets.

* Children that are falling asleep in their macaroni and cheese at supper will be bouncing out of their beds at nine.

* A child who never acknowledges their need to use the bathroom during the day will suddenly have to go once they are in bed.

* Just because you tell one sibling no doesn’t mean that it applies to the others as well. They must all ask or try.

* A dog that takes twenty minutes to pee when you want to go to bed will be bark like being outside is torture if you take a shower.

One comment

  1. How about this one? Children who had a great day at school when you pick them up suddenly hate it and can never go back at bedtime.


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