Dress Dummy Malfunction

I always imagined having a dressmaker’s dummy would make sewing and fitting clothes for myself so much easier.

However, I’m too cheap to spend a hundred dollars on one and not brave enough to let me create one out of duct tape.

So when I saw a really old one at a flea market and was assured by my husband that it could be adjusted, I slapped down my ten dollars and took it home.

In the past ten years, I’ve gotten my money’s worth. The dummy has modeled several outfits and visited our local high school for spirit week.

But with all these projects, I’ve found that no matter how many times I adjust the dummy, it does not match my figure. I untwist the hard to reach wingnuts and tug on the rusted innards into shape. I even added a bra and stuffed it to match my proportions. (Alas, the problem here may be that I used a bra I didn’t like.)

So I come to my latest refashion — a men’s shirt converted to a dress. The bodice worked out as a sweetheart neckline and looks really good on the dummy. Nothing pulls or twists or hangs out. When I put the dress on, I look like I auditioning as a dancer for the Moulin Rouge.

Maybe that bra needs a bit more adjusting or I need to do some more exercising or I just need suck it up and spend the hundred bucks.


  1. Having seen a show at the Moulin Rouge, I’d have to say I wouldn’t complain if I looked like one of the dancers. But I guess maybe wearing those outfits wouldn’t be such a good idea around your kids and their friends. Maybe you could put it on your birthday or Christmas Wish List and hope for the best? Or maybe you could bribe someone into getting it for you as a reward when you publish your next book?


  2. I like the Christmas list idea. Always the fallback for us frugal types.


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