Potty Training Update

Yes, another update. I wish this journey was over. I wish I could pack up the remaining diapers and pullups and shuffle them off to the food pantry or the women’s crisis center.

This journey has been an ultra-marathon and we may be finally approaching the end, but I have a feeling it’s on the other side of a long upward climb.

My son has conquered days and most of his nights. It’s rare when he wakes up wet, but I can’t convince him to wear underwear to bed instead.

His twin has lead us to all kinds of discoveries about the intricacies of the digestive system. Citric acid can make your bladder spasm. You can be constipated and pooping constantly at the same time. Her good days are better and her bad days aren’t as horrible as they used to be.

The Little One has started the journey and is progressing much better than either of her siblings. She recognizes when she has to go — which is most frequently during meal preparation and eating. She also has an intense curiosity about bathrooms. She wants to see the facilities at every location we visit. Frequently, the sight, however, is greeted by the announcement that she doesn’t have to go.

One of my friends keep reminding me that this too shall pass. I’m pretty sure I’ll be in my nineties.


  1. Good luck on the continued journey. 🙂
    I will be taking this same journey soon.


    1. Wishing you a better experience!


  2. Luckily most of it fades away to a grey haze by the time they hit 10 or so. Hang in there.


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