Fancy Schmancy Cardigan

I’m always freezing. It’s seventy out today and I’m wearing a hoodie. (This could be due to the wonderful stuffy nose I woke up with this morning too. blech.)

So I like to have a lot of cardigans in my closet. Lately I haven’t been able to find any that I like. They’re too small, too big or have too many things all over the front. Then I had an idea. I’d made my own.

I started with a men’s large long sleeve shirt. This one has a texture like long underwear.

The Before picture

The before picture – a rather plain oatmeal colored shirt.

I took the sides and sleeves in a bit and chopped an inch or two off the bottom. When I put it on, I realized I didn’t have to take quite so much out of the sides, but it still works. Since I wanted it to be a little different, I cut the opening on the left side instead of the center. Then, I cut off the crew neck collar and made the neck opening asymmetrical. I took the piece I cut off the bottom and gathered it, then sewed it around the neckline. I used a single button as a closure.

So far, I’m quite happy with how it turned out. I haven’t decided whether to cut the cuffs off the sleeves. The day I wore it, I tucked them under because the sleeves are bit long. I fear if I cut them off, I won’t like the edge I end up with.

The After Picture

The After Picture – ruffled color and the works



  1. I think you did a fabulous job! You are crafty! 😉


    1. Thank you! It’s always fun when the project turns out the way you hoped.


  2. Love it! I’ll bet you look fancy schmancy wearing it, too!


  3. Who knew a plain shirt could turn into something so stylish and cute? You have a great imagination and sewing skills.


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