Another Haunting???

Last year, I thought my regular sewing machine was haunted. The machine would start up and run by itself. After I figured out that it was a faulty extension cord and did not require an exorcism, I felt much better.  (Except for the fact that the machine was ruined.)

So lately I’ve been using my serger. I bought it about six years ago, planning to use it to sew all kinds of kids’ clothes. Well, kids’ clothes are much cheaper and less hassle to acquire at garage sales and thrift stores. And since my children are growing so fast, it would have taken me longer to sew the clothes than they would have actually worn it. Thus the machine has been mostly sitting for that time.

In the past few weeks, I’ve started using it again, remembering the things it would be useful for. One thing I have been lamenting – other than the technical skill required to thread it – is that the light bulb is burned out. It hadn’t ever bothered me enough to look and see what bulb I needed to replace it until the last week or so.

So this past weekend, I was turning some of my son’s pants into shorts and I thought about the light again. Then it flickered. I blinked. It flickered again, then stayed on. I flipped the power switch. The light went off. I flipped the power switch. The light came on.


I discarded the bad extension cord, but the machine is plugged into the same outlet.

So faulty outlet or another haunting… I’m not sure, but I really like having the light work.

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