#SweetSat – Heartbreak Hill

Another sample from the newly-renamed, work-in-progress Climbing Heartbreak Hill:

The door flew open and an older woman flew in. Almost literally. Her sneakers barely scraped the carpet and her ivory hair stood on end. “I heard Leslie’s in labor and came right from my Zumba class.”

Ryan pondered the ability of news to travel so quickly. He hadn’t seen Tara make any phone calls. Perhaps the Tenaples had passed on the message.

“Hi, Minnie,” Tara said. “They left barely twenty minutes ago. Did Mark call you?”

“No. Beulah Tenaple’s senior aerobics class is right after Zumba. She said Mark came flying in here like his butt was on fire.”

“Leslie had a few contractions, but it is way too early. I’m sure the doctor will get them stopped. I didn’t know you were taking Zumba classes.”

“It looked like fun. Gotta keep in shape, you know how it is.”

Ryan doubted Minnie and Tara socialized in the same circles, but there certainly wasn’t anything wrong with Tara’s figure. He appreciated the time and effort it took to keep one’s self in good shape.

Minnie’s gaze swung to Ryan and he suddenly wished he had ducked out the door as soon as she came in. She gave him a once-over so thorough that she could probably read the numbers off his credit card through his wind pants. Her evaluation stopped at his left hand and her eyes narrowed.

“And I see you’ve met this fine young man.” She winked at Tara.


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  1. This sounds like a fun read. I like Minnie.


    1. Minnie is one of my favorite characters. You can read her story in Hauntings of the Heart.


  2. Hello Joselyn. I’m not new to the Hop, but I’ve been writing furiously and haven’t been around much. Good characterization of Minnie. Thanks for sharing!


    1. Thanks for stopping by!


  3. Sounds like someone is playing matchmaker


    1. Would Minnie do anything else?


  4. Don’t you just love elderly matchmakers? LOL Ryan is surely in for it. Lovely, fast paced scene.


  5. What fun! Thanks for sharing…and here’s MY SWEET SATURDAY SAMPLE


  6. Oh boy, another story with Minnie in it!! Looking forward to it…J.Q. Rose


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