Creating His Own Crime Scene

I didn’t know my dog was into CSI, but when we arrived home Friday morning after running errands, our scaredy-cat Beagle-mix had left three crime scenes for me to clean up.

We’d had a thunderstorm which consisted of three instances of thunder and moderately heavy rain. Quite unexciting compared to some of the storms we’ve had recently. However we were not home during this episode and poor Jaden panicked.

The first crime scene was obvious that he was the culprit. The odoriferous present he left in my closet was definitely one of his signature crimes.

The second and third scenes, I initially blamed on the children. The strong odor of pee in their room was obviously from an overnight wetting which I would investigate after delivering clean shorts and underwear to the bathroom…

Where I discovered the initial scene. The dog in his panicked state often retreats to the bathtub or the shower. In this instance, he must have scratched his nose on the faucet, which left blood splatters all over the tub. From there he jumped out of the tub and headed upstairs leaving behind a blood trail behind him. I didn’t need Nick Stokes to help with the directionality of the blood drops (although his help would have been appreciated with cleanup.)

From there, Jaden decided to take revenge on the Little One. He used her pillow, pillowcase, sheets and brand new quilt from Grandma to staunch the bleeding from his nose. He also used her bed for something else — see the aforementioned hint of bedwetting.

So after a load of laundry and mopping the entire downstairs to find all the drips, I thought I had the crime scenes cleaned up, but my husband informed me the next morning that I had missed a sea of pee in the kitchen — culprit unknown, but narrowed down to the two four-legged creatures in the household.



  1. Ah, the joys of having pets. I love our dog, but sometimes …
    Enjoyed your post.


    1. I know. Jaden was very close to getting his very own Craigslist ad.


  2. Good detective work. Critter problems at the farmette as well…gah! Why do we do this to ourselves?


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