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Sydell Voeller is sharing an excerpt from Her Sister’s Keeper today.

Her Sisters Keeper coverBlurb:

Logan Corbett, registered nurse, suddenly becomes the guardian of her 10-year-old sister, Kim. A former prizewinning gymnast, the girl was seriously injured in the same plane accident that killed their parents. Logan admits she’s overly protective of Kim, but only wants what she thinks is best for her. Dr. Zachary Dellinger, a pediatrician at the hospital where Logan works, suggests that Kim should attend a summer camp for children with special needs. Logan agrees, but on one condition–that she will volunteer to be the camp nurse so she can keep a close eye on Kim. Under starlit skies and breezy summer days, Logan struggles with her growing attraction to the handsome pediatrician–all the while, battling the urge to hold on too tightly to Kim. Will Logan ever be able to let go enough to allow love into both their lives?


“Oh, yes!” Kimberly’s eyes were bright with excitement. She turned to Logan. “May I go, Sissie? Please?”

Logan’s mouth dropped open. This was certainly the last thing she’d expected. “But next week is so soon,” she stammered. “I mean, there is shopping to do . . . things to get ready . . . and all those name labels to sew on.”

“I can do that!” Kimberly insisted. “I can write my name on the labels, maybe even sew them, too.” She giggled—her first indication of happiness Logan had witnessed in months. “Remember last summer—before the accident—how Mom promised me I could go to Girl Scout overnight camp when I was a year older! Who cares if this is another kind of camp? It’s probably more fun anyway. And besides . . . those labels aren’t any big deal. Marcie told me last summer during one of our sleep-overs that before she went to Girl Scout camp, her mom glued them onto her clothes.”

Despite her misgivings, Logan joined in with Dr. Dellinger’s laughter. She liked the way he laughed. Sort of deep and mellow with a nice warm ring.

“We’ll talk about it, Kim,” Logan said at last. “We’ll talk about it later after we’ve had a little more time to think things over.” She knew she was stalling, but she needed more time. Checking her watch, she added, “Now if you two will excuse me. It’s nearly seven and time for report.”

Turning to walk back out the door, she felt Dr. Dellinger’s hand on her shoulder. His touch made her heart race. “So you will get back to me?”

She tossed a glance over her shoulder, then swallowed hard. “Yes. Yes . . . I will. I’ll have my answer in twenty-four hours.”


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  1. Nice. I read this book and the snippet brought back pleasant memories.


    1. Thanks, Sandra! So glad you could stop by.


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