Thursday Snippets – Lindsay Downs – #excerpt

Fellow Astraea Press author, Lindsay Downs, is sharing an excerpt of her mystery, A Body in the Attic, today.

A Body in the Attic coverBlurb:

A missing soldier. A break in. A former, now soldier, model tells of an aborted assault. A passageway hiding more than years of dust and cobwebs. Rooms where there are none. The reappearance of the mysterious ‘brown-haired man’. What, if anything, ties these random facts together.

With precision and dedication Emily and Dakota start to unravel some of the questions. Only when an FBI agent steps up do the facts start to merge into what appears to be a terrorist conspiracy.

A body found halfway across the country is the final clue in answering all of the question, but one.

Will Emily be able to save a life before it’s too late?


Wallie stretched out a hand for the menus, but she quickly returned the one for the Chinese restaurant. “We get a couple of pizzas, and then we can eat and work at the same time.” She slanted a look to Emily. “You know what Dakota’s like with Chinese noodles.”

Everyone laughed, except Annabelle who didn’t understand the joke, as they remembered the last time they’d had Chinese and Dakota got into the lo mein noodles.

“Annabelle, it’s really very simple,” Emily started. “You know dogs, when given people food will take mouthfuls—well, Dakota didn’t. He ate the noodles like a child does spaghetti, sucking one strand at a time into his mouth. Several strands even slapped him on the muzzle, which startled him but didn’t deter him from partaking in the meal his way.”

“Yes, pizza,” Annabelle said with a wide grin.

“Yeah,” Emily said as she gave her buddy a scratch behind the ear. “And it looks like you’re the volunteer, Wallie, since you’ve got the phone number. Order three large, and you know what we like.”

“Anything but anchovies,” Annabelle interjected quickly.

Wallie looked back at her, nodded, then reached in her pocket for her cell. Emily rose from the antique oak straight‑back chair, and looked around the room. A look of frustration painted on her face as she took in all the bookshelves. “Annabelle, is there any other place where the

blueprints might be? What about the first room on the right as you come in the front door? That one’s had the most renovations done to it.” Everyone except Wallie, who was still ordering, trooped back down the hall to the room in question. Emily decided the search would go faster if each person took a wall. She had Annabelle checking under the tarps.

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