#SweetSat – Courting Sparks – #excerpt

Here’s a little peek at an older title, Courting Sparks:

Courting Sparks book coverIgnore these emotions, Daphne scolded herself in the mirror.  Taking a fortifying breath, she headed for the front yard and found Noah standing among the Santas like a giant among elves.  He scratched the back of his head as he looked down at the knee-high plastic figures. His muscled frame looked large and comforting against the elfin backdrop.

Her heart fluttered.


She pushed it aside. Calm, she told herself.  Focus on the lawn ornaments and everything will return to normal.

“What do you want to do with these?”  He picked up one of the Santas and balanced it on his hand. It wobbled side to side and he moved his hand to steady it.

Her gaze traveled up his arm to the muscles flexing there.  Her mouth went dry.

Double damn.

This was so not happening.  This was Noah. Not  Aaron.  Not George Clooney.  Not Brad Pitt.  Not even Hugh Jackman.  Well, maybe Hugh Jackman.

Daphne cleared her throat.  “I painted glow-in-the-dark letters on their bellies.  It dries almost clear.”  She walked over to the crowd and picked one up.  She tilted it side to side, trying to catch the light reflection on the paint. “This one has an ‘N’ on it.”

Noah examined the one he had been balancing.  “I think this one has an ‘O’.”

Daphne glanced at it. “Yep.  I didn’t realize the paint would be so hard to see when it dried.”

“What does it spell?”

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  1. She’s fighting her attraction. I wonder why? And what would the letters spell?


  2. I know what the letters spell. LOL. I love the santa!


  3. Great snippet and I love the book cover! Thanks for sharing…and here’s MY SWEET SATURDAY SAMPLE


  4. I thought it was going to spell Santa, but then the O wouldn’t work. Could it be NOEL? This clever, whimsical idea tells us a lot about Daphne. I like her, and I’ve just met her!


  5. I loved the word picture of a big, strong man standing among a bunch of small Santas!


  6. Hugh Jackman would be fine by me!


  7. What a tease, stopping there so we don’t know what the letters spelled. I get her shock at her emotional reaction to Noah


  8. Love the scene.


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