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Today, Erin O’Quinn is sharing from The Wakening Fire.  The following scene from The Wakening Fire is one where Liam, a tenor with a voice like a nightingale, sings to his new bride Caylith.

Wakening Fire cover “I have…new song for ye.”

“Who did you learn it from?” I asked him.

B’fhéidir…ye find out.” He smiled, and he traced my mouth with his finger.He started to sing, and I soon forgot the comb and all my wet hair, for the melody was tender, the words as compelling as any he had ever sung to me.

We came to your valley

down derry, down down.

The glen was all green then

down derry, down down.

The summer was come, love

down derry, down down

the grasses were soft, love

down derry, down down.

Then ye took me over

down derry, down down

up over your hill, love

down derry, down down.

As his lilting tenor voice rose and fell, I sat transfixed. I knew the words were verging on naughty, but the love behind the words held me as though I were trapped in a snare.

When the song ended, I sat with tears glossing my eyes. “You love me,” I said simply.

Is tú mo ghrá. I love ye, Cat.” He lay back on the bed, drawing me next to him. And then he sang the last of the song, as though he had just made it up.

I love ye again, love

down derry, down down

now winter is cold, love

down derry, down down.

An’ love ye forever

down derry, down down,

in sunshine or snow, love

down derry, down down.


Liam’s song had all the tenderness and simple joy born of deep, sincere love. It was all the more remarkable because it was in my own language, as though he had worked it out over a long period of time, trying to express just how he felt. At that moment, I loved my husband more truly and fiercely than I ever had before.


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