How my dog helped me figure out the plot–or not

Well, as I do more research, it might not be the case, but I was hoping my geriatric dog was good for more than having me stumble down the stairs in the middle of the night so that he can go outside and bark at his shadow.

At our last visit to the vet, I had all three kids as well as the two dogs. The more obese beagle jumped out of the truck and I grabbed his leash. The other beagle looked at the distance to the ground and gave me an are-you-kidding? look. It was a distance he could manage as little as a year ago. When he landed, he squeaked and I expected the worse vet visit ever. As soon as he regained his paws, he was standing on only three legs and holding the fourth off the ground.

So here I am with three kids, one overweight dog, and one newly injured dog, walking/limping into the vet. I expect that they are going to tell me that he needs surgery, a cast, a wheelchair, a ramp and a personal nurse, all for a dog that is rapidly approaching the upper range of his life expectancy. The vet confirmed the severity of his injury, but recommended pain meds and a sedentary lifestyle. Whew.

Now in my current WIP, I’ve been searching for a significant knee injury–one that would be career-ending for an elite runner. And I thought, perhaps, my dog had given me the answer: a torn ACL.

But no, ACLs heal with and without surgery and aren’t that terrible for runners because their knees generally move on only one axis. They don’t move side-to-side or change direction.

So the search continues…


  1. I hate stumbling blocks like this! Have you tried contacting an orthopedic surgeon? Or a physical therapist?


  2. Patty, I think I will have to. Or maybe have him post-surgery and in rehab but have things not go well.


  3. Smoky Zeidel · ·

    I have had 3 knee replacements (no, I only have 2 knees! One went bad and had to be replaced again.) Worn out cartilage would do in a runner–and when it wears out, it’s gone. And a runner’s cartilage would be prone to this sort of injury. That might work for you.


    1. That might work. I have to decide where I want him to be in the recovery process. I don’t know whether he is going to be mourning the loss of his career or still have hope that his career can be resumed. Once I decide, it will be a lot easier to work on. 🙂


  4. Here’s my go to site when I have medical questions… Maybe a track coach could give you some help.


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