Thursday Snippets – Teresa Carpenter – #excerpt

Teresa Carpenter is sharing an excerpt of the first chapter of The Sheriff’s Doorstep Baby today.


Hands braced on his hips, Sheriff Nate Connor stood looking down at the strange beauty sleeping on his couch. Rolled up in his fleece throw, purple and pink striped socks peaked out from one end and sunshine yellow hair cascaded from the other.

With a muffled curse he holstered the nine millimeter he’d palmed when he found his front door unlocked. Not that he’d really expected to need it, but a soldier was always prepared. Even in River Run where the population was less than five thousand.

Luck and skill had kept him from shooting himself when he tripped over the guitar case negligently left in the entry hall.

He considered reaching for his handcuffs, but the woman wasn’t a complete stranger. He’d seen sufficient pictures here in this house and on his predecessor’s desk to recognize the pretty flow of hair. He was enough of a lawman to figure out she was his new landlord.

And they’d met briefly at her father’s funeral seven months ago.

Yeah he knew who sleeping beauty was. The question was why?

Why was she here and why did she think she could make herself at home on his couch?

He’d had his own plans for that couch. Today was supposed to have been his first day off in over a month. The storm changed that. An overnight delivery truck had skidded on ice and ended up on its side in the pass, blocking traffic in both directions. By the time they got it cleared up, they were in the middle of a full-blown blizzard, and he’d given up any hope of regaining his day off.

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  1. Hope you enjoyed reading an excerpt of The Sheriff’s Doorstep Baby. This is the first of my Princess Camp stories. Tell me what you think. Teresa


  2. Congratulations on the new release Teresa!!!

    Sounds like a fun read!

    Lisa 🙂


  3. Teresa, I can’t wait to hear about what a sheriff will do with a baby. Sounds great. I’m looking forward to having you on my blog in June. Ann


  4. Great first launch, Teresa!


  5. Love the preview! I can’t wait to read more. Princess Camp is such a cool idea.

    Congratulations, Teresa!



  6. I read your first baby story, so I’ll have to read this one, too.

    Toni Noel


  7. This sounds like such a cute story. Thanks for sharing!


  8. Thanks for the support. Gabe, my sheriff, is big on protecting those close to him but short on sharing emotion. It’s a natural for him to go from Army soldier to local sheriff. I do so love writing wounded heroes, but I had the most amazing time writing my Sleeping Beauty heroine, Michelle. She’s a bit of a seductress. Uh huh, I let my inner bad girl out. What fun!


  9. Joselyn, thanks for having me on your site. Good luck with the Warden’s Lantern.


  10. Nice job Teresa.


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