Always slightly uphill

Before we remodeled out house, it was doubtful there were any angles that were square. Every wall and floor leaned or sagged. After the remodel, well, it’s probably the same. The hill in the hallway is still there, but your ears don’t pop when you get to the kitchen anymore.

I never considered the implications of the slanting floors. Sure, it was funny that I had to keep my desk chair on a rug, so I didn’t slid to the other side of the room every time I lifted my feet of the floor. And we had to put the kids’ marble tower in certain places in the living room or the marbles wouldn’t roll all the way to the bottom.

Then I moved my treadmill. I had it in a room at the front of the house in an alcove that tends to be very hot. Not ideal for aerobic exercise, so I decided to move it. I pushed it to the other side of the room and changed the orientation for better air circulation. I could open the window next to me. My first run was awesome. It was so much easier, although I could feel the side to side slant of the floor. Since this is something I hate–it hurts my knees and hips–I decided to change the orientation back to the original direction.

Now here’s the lightbulb moment–sadly it took two years to figure this out. Trying to emulate running outside as much as possible, I had increased the inclide. However, I couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t run as fast on the treadmill as fast as I could outside. Most people report that running on the treadmill is much easier than running outside–less wind resistant, softer running surface, etc. If I had left the treadmill flat, I would have already had the incline I needed from the floor.

Even worse, I didn’t put this all together until I turned the treadmill the last time. I have been keeping it folded up when not in use and have carpet pieces that I put under the ends to protect the floor. On this run, I forgot to put the carpet piece under the rear end, thus increasing the incline even more. I almost died at a walking pace and finally realized the problem. Gotta love an old house.



  1. It would be easy if the unevenness was clearly visable but they never are! The silver lining is you had an even better work out than plan and then can smoke them at the 5Ks! I’m just amazed you get any treadmill time. Keep at it!
    W.S. Gager on Writing


  2. Our old house was like that. If we dropped something in the kitchen, we knew exactly which corner to run to to catch it!


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