Earworm questions

Besides asking obvious questions (Why did you pour milk in my cup? – Because you asked for it.), my kids also ask earworm questions.  Like the songs you can’t get out of your head, they repeat variations of the same question over and over.

The most recent topic: Rhyming words.

They want to know if this words and that word rhymes.

My daughter seems to get the concept, but rarely rhymes actual words. Winger and singer, grape and mape, etc.

My son doesn’t really get the idea of what a rhyme is. He asks if bird and airplane or cow and cowbell rhyme? We try to explain how the ends of the words have to be the same and give him some simple examples: cat, hat, bat, mat, etc. He then asks if window and door rhyme. He has figured out that carrot and parrot rhyme, but today he wanted to know if carrot and scarlet macaw rhymed.



  1. There’s some logic there. Scarlet macaw is a parrot and likes to eat carrots. He’s just three steps ahead of himself!


    1. He is definitely making connections between the words, just not the sounds. 🙂


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