Sweet Saturday Samples – #SweetSat

Another installment from Heartbreak Hill:

It wasn’t long before she ushered the couple out, assuring them that there wouldn’t be a problem completing their taxes before the fifteenth. She waved them out the door, clutching the handle as it swung closed. Her shoulders rose and fell as she took a deep breath, then plastered a smile on her face.

“Sorry about the wait. We should be able to get your information sorted out before the next customer arrives.” Tara tugged the front of her beige jacket down, then walked around her desk.

“No problem.” Ryan slid his foot to change the position of his knee. Boy, the bugger ached today. His ibuprofen was wearing off. He dug in his pocket for the pill bottle that he hadn’t left home without in the month since his injury. “I’m supposed to stay off my feet anyway.”

“Knee surgery?” Tara asked as she settled into her seat. Her gaze wandered the desk as if trying to assess where they had left off.

“Not yet. Have to see the specialist in a couple weeks.”

“You said you were staying with your mom, right?”

“Yeah, while I’m on the injured list I can’t stay at the track club.” He didn’t add that the club had released him because they didn’t think he would ever get off the injured list. The club physician had claimed his knee was completely shot. Ryan wanted a second opinion. He sighed. Actually, it was a third, but this one was a knee specialist. He would have a better prognosis.


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  1. Interesting how with a few well chosen words she gets him to open up and we get to see what his future is.


  2. Oh, poor Ryan.


  3. I can feel Ryan’s pain!


  4. Patricia Kiyono · ·

    Ah, we’re getting to know a bit more about him! Sounds like he’s going to be in town for some time.


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