Sweet Saturday Samples

I missed last week. The week just got away from me.

So here’s a little more of Heartbreak Hill:

Ryan eased his leg into a more comfortable position. His knee ached in almost every position today. It would be better lying stretched out on the couch in front of the television, but this stiff office chair was more comfortable than being home with his mother and her friends. He could face a fifty-mile run without flinching, but his mom and her friends were all hopped up about something. No way he was hanging around when they were scheming. Getting his taxes done, though painful, was a preferable option.

He scanned the desk in front of him and found the woman’s nameplate tucked against the back of her flat screen. Tara Mansfield. He’d always had an affinity for that name. Once he’d met a girl with that name, but it was only briefly and he never saw her again. Every time he met another Tara, he remembered the girl and wondered what happened to her. This Tara was certainly eye-catching. He’d been staring at her curvaceous figure like an adolescent schoolboy. Couple that with the sunlit blonde hair and sapphire blue eyes and you had all the makings of a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model.

And yet, she was here in sleepy, old Carterville in an accounting office filing 1040s, wearing an ill-fitting and shapeless suit. There was probably a story behind that. He looked down at his knee. Her story was probably just as pathetic as his own.


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  1. I’m intrigued to know whether it’s the same Tara or not. Nice sample.


  2. I agree with Sherry. That brief reference to another Tara is a red flag. Does she remember him?


  3. And how did he hurt his knee? Sounds like a lovely story.


  4. Good description and interesting hook about what had happened in their past.


  5. Hum, wonder if the Tara from before is this Tara.


  6. Thanks for the comments. I am contemplating changing his knee injury to an Achilles tendon rupture. Mostly since I haven’t found a knee injury that works the way I am planning. Will have to keep researching.


  7. Great scene. I especially liked the foreshadowing about Tara. Is she the same woman he met before and couldn’t forget? By the way, is this a WIP? If so, I noticed several echoed words and phrases that you might consider changing. If not, it’s no big deal. The scene is terrific as is and changing those would just be a minor tweak anyhow.


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